Horny Harry - Part 4

I woke up to bright sunlight streaming through the window. I rolled over to look at Harry, still sleeping. I actually couldn’t believe what had happened last night. We had been drunk most of the night, but I remembered every little detail. What I hadn’t done was give it a chance to sink in. I definitely had sex with Harry Styles, and it was fucking fantastic. He was impressed with my head, and I was impressed with him. He might have been young but he obviously knew what he was doing. Someone had taught him well. He was snoring lightly next to me, his mouth open, with one leg off the bed.  It was getting increasingly hot as the summer sun took its place in the sky.

I kicked off the duvet and flipped the pillow to the cool side before closing my eyes again. I was drifting in and out of a light sleep when I heard Harry mumble something. I opened my eyes to see what he was saying, but he was still fast asleep, his breathing deep and steady. Puzzled, I closed my eyes again, but again he started mumbling, a full sentence of utter nonsense. I smiled at him sleep-talking as he started to kick the covers off as well. The duvet fell to the floor, leaving just the thin sheet covering his lower half. As Harry mumbled something else, I noticed a movement below the sheet and he shifted his whole body slightly. I watched in amazement as he began to get hard, unsure of whether he was going to wake up or not. He seemed to take no notice of his growing erection, still snoring away. I gently poked it, curious as to what he was dreaming about, chuckling to myself over the tent that had formed above him.

I lifted up the sheet slowly, eying him but I dared not touch it. I just sort of stared at it, fascinated by the fact that he could get so aroused while sleeping. The mysteries of the male mind. I was so engrossed in this regular phenomenon that I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard Harry whisper “Hey.” I quickly dropped the sheet, but he had obviously seen what I was staring as. He motioned for me to lie next to him and pulled me in close. “I was dreaming about you,” he whispered to me. I smiled and he turned his head to kiss me before he pulled me on top of him. We laid naked, chest-to-chest, as our tongues lazily fluttered around each other before mine found my way down his jaw line. I settled on a soft spot just behind his earlobe, gently sucking and kissing, careful not to leave a mark. His hand was in my hair, cradling my head as I moved down, tracing his collar bone with my tongue. Harry groaned and put his other hand on my backside. We rolled onto our sides as his fingers outlined the curves of my breast, down my side, and around my hip and back up. The tip of his index finger spiraled over my nipple, conjuring up memories of last night in the washroom.

He kissed me hard before climbing on top of me, using his knee to guide my legs apart. I silently obliged. He slowly penetrated me, carefully gauging my reaction to ensure he didn’t hurt me. I winced as my skin strained to accept him, and he lowered his face into my neck, gently kissing me. I ran my hands up his back, concentrating on the sensation of his soft skin under my fingertips, his breath on my neck, until I was comfortable again. I murmured “it’s okay” into his ear, and he gently began to move.

It was slow, lazy, morning sex. The desperation and recklessness from last night were gone. Our rhythm became regular, our bodies moving in sync as my hands leisurely explored his body. “Babe, I’m going to come soon. Are you close?” he whispered into my neck. I shook my head. “You go ahead. You can make it up to me later.” He kissed my neck again and surrendered himself, holding me tightly as he did.

"I promise, I’ll make it up to you." He said, wrapping a towel around his waist. He rang Louis’ room, and we all made plans to go out for lunch as a group. I knew a great little café on the water that I thought they would love. I gave him a quick kiss before heading back to my room to get ready for the day. My hair was a disaster, so I threw it into a messy bun in an attempt to make it look half decent. I was doing my makeup when B and K came back with coffee from the Starbucks downstairs. I gratefully took a sip and pulled on a gray flow-y halter sundress.

Harry knocked on the door 10 minutes later, Louis, Liam and Niall right behind him. We waited another 10 minutes for Zayn, and when he finally came around, the boys playfully joked about him taking longer than us girls. We hadn’t been properly introduced to Zayn and Liam, so as we set out, Harry took it upon himself as B and Niall seemed to fall to the back, talking quietly. I meant to ask her about him later.

We sat down for lunch, ordering some frozen drinks and a bunch of appetizers to share. As we sat eating, we got to know all of the boys a little better. They told us about everything, we laughed and joked, asked questions, and generally just enjoyed ourselves. Before we knew it, it was almost 3 in the afternoon, we all had pink noses, and the boys had to get going for an interview they were doing later that afternoon.

As we were saying our goodbyes, Harry wrapped his arms around me and bent down. “I spent that whole meal thinking about this morning. I can’t wait to be done this interview.” I gave Harry my mobile so we could get in touch with them later, and he promised to call when they were heading back to the hotel. He kissed me for a long time, unable to pull away. Louis finally tapped him on the shoulder, “Mate, we gotta go.” I grinned at him and gave him a little push towards their taxi. As it pulled away, he gave me a little wink and a wave.

I turned to B and K. “OHHH MYYY GOD!!! You guys have no idea.” We set off for some gossip and shopping, laughing as I told them of Harry and his 9 inch penis.

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